3 most popular items to include in gift hampers

Gift hampers aren’t just about biscuits and marmalade. You can choose a variety of themes and items to include in your gift hamper. The main thing to consider is the appropriate content for the receiver.

Here are the top 3 most popular items to include in gift hampers.



For chocolate lovers, a Christmas hamper filled with sweet treats such as chocolate truffles will definitely make you popular. Who can resist rich, decadent chocolate covered strawberries? Add hot chocolate mix, Ghirardelli chocolates, boxed chocolates and homemade treats. Chocolate covered fruit are also a favorite for gift hampers, such as chocolate covered raisins, strawberries, cherries, and pretzels.

You can also try adding a cake mix, cookie mix, or cupcake kit for those who enjoy baking. Giant-size or miniature chocolate animals and gourmet candies are a favorite.



If the gift receiver is a cheese lover, why not treat them to hamper full of gourmet cheese along with delicious accompaniments such as figs, walnuts, orange chutney, and sea salt biscuits. Be sure to include wine to compliment the cheese.



A nice bottle of wine is a traditional addition to a Christmas hamper, but you don’t have to be old-fashioned. You can switch to Limoncello, Vodka, or mulling syrup for a decadent touch. For the ultimate men’s gift hamper, consider a whiskey gift basket with Jack Daniel’s whiskey, coke, and even caramel corn to compliment the basket. Consider a variety of sample size bottles. Just be sure to add a few condiments such as peanuts, popcorn or gourmet chocolate to complete the gift hamper.

Which item are you choosing for your next gift hamper?

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