What makes up a great Christmas hamper?

A Christmas hamper could be the most thoughtful gift you could give, but what makes a great Christmas hamper? Here are some of our tips on what makes up a great Christmas hamper…

  • Decide on the theme – not everyone prefers gingerbread cookies or gourmet cheese. Consider theme ideas that would match the receiver interests. You can choose dried fruit, chocolate, coffee, Italian, etc.
  • Add Style – Each hamper provides a particular style to the Christmas hamper. Wicker baskets add a lovely detail to the gift. Choose an excellent quality basket that can be reused.
  • Fill the hamper with delicious goodies – depending on the theme add the necessary ingredients. For chocolate lovers, add sweet treats such as chocolate truffles, fudge bars, cookies, etc. For wine lovers, a pure wine will go well with cheese, nuts, dried fruits, biscuits and more. If you plan to make a cheese basket, a variety of gourmet cheese will pair well with chutney, orange marmalade, fig bars, dried fruits, nuts, and biscuits. For the meat lovers, add gourmet beef and cheese sausages
  • Wrap the hamper in Cellphone – The cellophane wrap comes in various colors to give the hamper a beautiful, polished look. You can also choose shredded or crepe paper to line the bottom of the hamper as a filler.
  • Seal with a bow – Once you’ve decided on the items to fill the Christmas hamper with, seal the hamper with cellophane and a bow. Some retailers choose reusable wood wool, but hampers look best with ribbon to complete the look. You can also tie the candy canes onto a white satin bow. No matter what you choose, a big festive bow will always perfect the finishing look.

What will you add in your Christmas Hamper? Let us know!


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